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Ahead of schedule

This 1,112-ton structural steel new building project had an aggressive schedule from the start. Even with a time constraint, the project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule; a rare occurrence in the construction industry.

Canatal’s early involvement in the project helped significantly.  Preconstruction assistance provided a series of Value Engineering and Time Engineering suggestions. Further more, recommendations streamlined the supply and installation of structural steel members and assemblies.

Materials were secured promptly as a result of Canatal‘s procurement practices and expertise.”

Beating the clock

Beating the clock by two weeks on an already aggressive schedule was no fluke. Canatal’s Time Engineering team was quick to act.

Our extensive in-house detailing staff prepared quality shop drawings in advance, which sped up the approval process. Our in-house connection engineers  swiftly designed and processed the required connections.

The client promptly answered all project-specific questions. Close follow-up throughout the project minimised undue delays and expedited the entire process.

Canatal’s TIMESMART Manufacturing quality pre-assemblies were delivered in a timely manner and required practically no rework at the job site, further speeding up what is already a “well oiled machine”. Again, we accommodated these fast-track project conditions even exceeded our commitment.

Steel tonnage: 1,250 tons

Owner : Trustees of Boston University, Architects : Bruner/Cott & Associates Inc., Structural Engineer : Weidlinger Associates, General Contractor : Bond Brothers

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Compressed schedule
  • Last-minute modifications
  • Beating the clock
  • City, job, limited job site access

No matter the challenge… we deliver!

A True Partner


Over the past five years, we have  hired  Canatal for seven projects particularly with our most valued clients. We are pleased to work with Canatal because they operate as a true partner. They work with us collaboratively on coordinating shop drawings and construction sequences. They understand and adhere to schedule requirements.

Canatal hires the best quality erectors who work safely, deliver high quality and work cooperatively with us on site logistics.

On a recent project where we needed rapid production of shop drawings, fabrication and significant overtime for erection, we hired Canatal.

Canatal rigorously managed the RFI’s, shop drawings and steel fabrication to meet all delivery requirements.”

We find the people at Canatal to be most professional.”

David Shrestinian, Vice President – Buiding Division