Joint Force Headquarters Phase II

2 Randolph Rd, HAFB M, Hanscom, MA, 01731

Attention to details

One of the keys to the success of this 750-ton, 24,000 sq ft, 4-story high extension was Canatal’s early involvement. Careful pre-planning with the client and the erector allowed us to iron out potential problems right from the start. Phase II Extension had a different structural steel design than Phase I.

Early on in the process, our connection engineering expertise and ingenuity was confronted with matching the two structures. Phase I wing walls created a second engineering challenge. Initial engineering and matching issues were promptly resolved because all parties really collaborated

Time Engineering. Time managing

In order to respect the agreed upon deadlines, structural steel fabrication started before the mechanical contractor was selected. This meant that coordination with other trades was crucial.

Our Time Engineering team made sure to ask the right questions at the right time, time managing detailing and approvals as well as fabrication. Skilfully accommodating evolving requirements, our in-house detailers delivered quality shop drawings, resulting in perfectly fitting steel members and connections as well as speeding up erection work at the job site. We delivered on time.

Canatal prides it self on altering work flow in ingenious and resourceful ways to accommodate fluctuating conditions. Again, we delivered on our commitment.


Owner : Departments of US Army and US Air Force, Architects : Kleinfelder / SEA Consultants, General Contractor : Nauset Construction

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

No matter the challenge… we deliver!

A seamless project

“I was quite surprised to have a structural steel project go so smoothly.

With thorough pre-planning, both sides had a clear understanding of the nature of the project. RFIs came quickly and issues were corrected promptly thanks to Canatal’s in-house detailing and engineering capacities.

For this project Canatal teamed up with a top-notch erector. They worked together with us as a team.

Every Friday a short list of issues was drawn up and each member of the team took responsibility for having them resolved quickly.

Well- detailed, well- managed, well- executed, well- scheduled…what a delight”.

Tom Hewett, Project superintendant

Nauset Construction

Joint Force Headquarters Phase II Project

Hanscom Air Force Base