MIT NW35 Graduate Residence Hall

290 Albany Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139

The impossible made possible

 With graduate students representing nearly one half of the MIT campus community, it was essential to deliver this 1,200 ton student residence steel structure on schedule.

Then, the impossible began. Right in the middle of the shop drawing stage, the owner ordered the removal of the entire fourth floor from the original plans. We had to go back to the drawing board and correct the shop drawings in order to accommodate MIT’s wishes.

Just prior to steel fabrication, this same fourth floor was ordered back in by the owner. Back to the drawing board again, and Canatal still needed to meet the original agreed upon deadline. It felt almost impossible, but Canatal’s ingenuity and resourcefulness prevailed.

Time Engineering + TIMESMART Manufacturing

Canatal’s Time Engineering team masterminded time-smart solutions. Thanks to its impressive in-house detailing team, Canatal was able to accommodate an unusual amount of corrections to shop drawings. It was all about time- managing priorities.

Furthermore, our TIMESMART Manufacturing Concept provided the agility and the flexibility to pull it off. Our dedicated facilities allowed us to streamline this massive flow of production and avoid bottlenecks. We started steel construction as originally scheduled at the job site. The MIT Graduate Residence Hall steel structure is a signature Time Engineering project.

Again, we accommodated this fast-track project and made it possible to deliver on our commitment.


Steel tonnage: 1,448 tons

Owner : Massachusetts Institute Technology, Architects : William Rawn Ass., Architects Inc., Structural Engineer : Lemessurier Consultants Inc., Construction Manager : Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc.

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Compressed schedule
  • New owner demands and last-minute modifications
  • Numerous and constant modifications

No matter the challenge… we deliver!

An asset to our project team

On the MIT NW 35 Graduate Housing project, several major design changes at the outset of the project presented serious challenges to our entire team.

Canatal’s immediate and long term responses and cooperative reactions to these unique challenges enabled the overall project to maintain an already aggressive construction schedule.

We were impressed by how complete the shop drawings were. Material was fabricated and delivered to the site with little to no fabrication errors. The aggressive erection schedule was maintained and in some cases exceeded piece count expectations, all the while adhering to Bovis Lend Lease’s safety standards.”

Canatal did an exceptional job and was an outstanding partner as well as an asset to the entire project team.”

 Jeff Sinclair, Senior Project Manager

Bovis Lend Lease LMB, Inc