NMR Meditation Center

382 South Street E., Raynham, MA, 02767

Geometrically challenging structure

The more complex the structure, the earlier Canatal people need to get involved. Pre-construction assistance was a must for this 1,567-ton structural steel project. Because of the inherent complexity of this two-multipurpose building project, a very thorough understanding of the project was needed before detailing it.

This hip-and-valley steep angular design, culminating in a 100ft spire, called for heavy, precisely-fitting structural steel members. For the spire alone, a 200-ton crane was needed to hoist it up into position.

The evolution of the precast panelized wall system, from design conception through final approved details, presented numerous challenges which were mostly connection related. Our in-house connection engineering and detailing capabilities were really put to the test.

 Time Engineering. Manufacturing agility 

Canatal Pre-construction assistance was instrumental in successfully completing the project.  Scrutinizing plans or drawings for any deficiencies, omissions or flaws allowed our Time Engineering team to quickly come up with cost effective Time-Smart options.

Canatal’s Time Smart Manufacturing parallel process minimized bottlenecks and ensured shorter lead times. Large and smaller structural members were fabricated within the allotted time.

Our in-house connection engineering team designed an impressive number of connections. Our in-house detailing team produced quality shop drawings and, with the help of project management, time managed modifications and numerous last minute demands.

Through close cooperation with the general contractor, Canatal was able to maintain the project schedule. Again, we accommodated evolving requirements and delivered.

Steel tonnage: 1,567 tons

Owner : NMR, Architects : Architectural Resources Cambridge, Structural Engineer : Weidlinger Associates, General Contractor : Consigli Construction

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Geometrical complexity
  • Intricate connections
  • Erection complexities
  • Numerous and constant modifications

No matter the challenge… we deliver!

Working together as a team

“I appreciated Canatal’s early involvement; they reviewed the wholeNMRMeditationCenterproject before detailing it, identifying potential problems ahead of time as well as being proactive and making very pertinent suggestions. They took the time to fully understand the project.”

“I was impressed with their weekly reports pinpointing critical issues and relevant questions in order to avoid undue delays. Because of the complicated nature of the project, we were happy to see Canatal partnering with a well qualified erector. They both acted as part of the Consigli Construction Team and I really appreciated it.’’

Dara Colleary, Project Manager
Consigli Construction Co., Inc