Weidmann BM #2 Addition

One Gordon Mills Way, St. Johnsbury, VT, 05819

Wet environment steel structure

 This 65-ft tall wet environment building extension to Weidmann’s present St-Johnsbury  facilities is 280 ft long and 60 ft wide. The structural steel and steel deck were sandblasted and specially coated  to withstand wet environment conditions associated with the manufacture of insulation for electrical transformers.

Because of its height, the structure required colossal steel members as well as huge moment  connections. Three cranes were required to erect the structure and hoist large heavy-duty equipment and presses into position on the shop floor.

Accommodating change, after change …after change

Three redesigns of the building took place, because of a specifications change  for the heavy-duty equipment and railing systems used in Weidmann’s manufacturing process.

The three building faces were completely redetailed; modifications, additions, and deletions affecting girts and sag rods, furthermore numerous supports needed redesign.

Our Time Engineering team skilfully came up with the most cost effective and Time Smart solutions in order to honor our commitment.

Team Canatal accommodated evolving requirements and delivered.


Steel tonnage: 526 tons

Owner : Weidmann Electrical Technology Inc., Structural Engineer : Hill Engineers Architects Planners ENG, General Contractor : Pizzagalli Construction Company

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Compressed schedule
  • Last-minute and numerous modifications
  • Special products
  • Material availability

No matter the challenge… we deliver!